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Daycare Shopping! Do’s, Don’ts and Tips

That time that signifies growth and change may be approaching. Whether you’ve never experienced child care or are in between places, trying to find the right fit for your babies while maintaining mental clarity is the ultimate goal. So here’s some helpful advice to make things a little easier on the Muva.

What Can You Do?

Popups! Honey, calling before hand is not a requirement, usually only if you want a tour on your first scheduled apt. But it’s good to catch the vibes of the place on short notice and authentically experience the setting and environment. I reccomend popups even after you enroll them as well. But don’t be rude sis.

The List. If you’re a new mom you should know we all have a list about what is required. The standard rule of thumb. I’ll provide my list and you can think about what you need and adjust your list to accommodate you and your peace.

Special Purchase Items to make home away from home. In addition to the basic daycare supplies like cloths and bottles, pack extra blankets or their favorite sippy cup, toy, etc

Build Great Relationships with staff. It truly reflects in their teaching/caregiver capabilities and gives you piece of mind. Which moves right into the don’ts.


What Not To Do!

Nix The Bad Attitude. Of course leave personal matters at the door and never approach someone who’ll be taking care of your kid with a bad attitude on a popup or first call.

Who’s Who? Know who is who from head teacher to owner. If at a popup you’re not getting a good vibe about the employee structure or culture of the place; whose coming in and leaving? What are we all talking about at the front desk, while the children are going unsupervised? Pay attention.

Profit vs Safety. Don’t enroll your child where children are not separated by age group. Informed by a daycare owner that those daycares are more for profit by not having the age group requirement.

Don’t ignore your instincts. Ever.¬†



A Few Things On My List

Cameras should be in every room.

Centers should be age group appropriate.

I prefer small centers over bigger ones for attentive purposes.

I like aunty and grandmom energy. They’re more experienced and patient.


Recommendations from trusted parents only.

Stay an additional 10-15 mins to help settle kids in esp during transition.

1 camera for an entire center is not enough.

Always get pay receipts.

Ask for a yearly calendar and about days they plan to be closed ahead of time.

Observe your child’s behaviour before and after enrollment.

Observe new energy when new staff are hired.

You are allowed to make requests within reason.

Be consistent with your paying schedule to maintain a positive report and good relationships when you find that perfect daycare.

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