The Muva Circle

A Pick Me Up For Muvas Everywhere

Building tents indoors with household items becomes a thing.

Cleaning is a NEVER ENDING Task. I know you’re not dirty sis you just got kids and a husband.

There’s that one crier in every bunch WHO CRIES OVER EVERYTHING.

“Tuning Out” will keep you sane longer.

Lipstick becomes a clear indication of togetherness. #MuvaGotIt

Baby voices in wet clothes will be 50% of the time you.

The choo choo train and airplane does and doesn’t work but you still gotta try.

You will have to laugh your way through it sometimes just to be normal.

It’s ok if you cry or have cried or need to hit something, really hard. We ALL Have at some point; That’s Normal.

Why are there so many dirty diapers though?

Nobody with kids makes hot breakfast everyday, you’re still a bad ass.

Truth is that we all wing it and suck at something focus on what you DO WELL.

Worry less because you never stop worrying about them. ever.

We all have a list of at least 10 times we feel like we messed up as parents and it wasn’t that serious.

Food is never just food again. ingredients.. etc  ingredients.. etc ingredients.

You fully understand what it means to turn the t.v down.

TO VACCINATE OR NOT TO VACCINATE? That will always be the great debate.

Who wrote baby shark?

Crockpots are like besties with food.

Motherhood is always saying, ” I told you not to do that.”

It’s easy to live in fear and cowardly to live on pause.

If you have your children most of the time and you still manage to handle all of your business, you’re winning.

Journeys are experiences meant to be lived; Experiences felt in that moment.

If you have a change of clothes on you that’s just as cute your about 3% of mothers in history.

Choose JOY anyway. Every time.


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